Luogo is the new communication tool for twenty-first century housing cooperatives and similar organizations. In need of transparent communication, intuitive organization, cooperation in groups, planning of activities, finding common dates and sharing resources? Luogo gives you made-to-measure tools for all of that.

Dashboard — your personalized entry point

Address book - get in touch by searching and filtering, always staying in control of your privacy

Blogs — official communications, reports by working groups or just what's happening in the neighborhood

Coordination — Schedule activities and get people involved

Groups — build communities, reflect your organisation structure, define access rights and simply connect

Janitor — helps you get help when you need it

Messages — communicate in groups and keep everyone in the loop

Reservations - resource sharing made efficient and flexible

Events – Your platform for organising, preparing, and managing events (currently in development)

Drive — Securely share documents and build a collective archive (currently in development)

How does Luogo work?

Luogo is easy and intuitive to use. After logging in, you see your personal dashboard. It shows the recent activity in your groups and reminds you of any upcoming reservations. You can access the individual Apps via the menu or by clicking a dashboard entry. To help you to get started with Luogo, we’ve created video tutorials for the Apps. Watch them to familiarize yourself with the Apps and ready yourself to make use of Luogo’s full potential.

  1. First steps with Luogo
  2. Module Groups
  3. Module Blog
  4. Module Reservation Calender
  5. Module coordination Calender
  6. Module Messages

Luogo Pricing

Your Luogo price depends on the number of users. Thanks to its flexible licensing model, Luogo is attractive for both small and large organisations. Luogo is ready to be deployed for your organisation and has been proven in practice. If you've been thinking about developing your own solution from scratch, consider Luogo an easier and cheaper alternative.

Luogo is continuosly optimized and extended. A Luogo license entitles you to use Luogo for an entire year and includes all updates and extensions during that time. You are profiting from our full development effort at no additional cost.

We are happy to provide you with an individual quote.

I'd like to know more...

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Who's behind Luogo?

Luogo is the product of ARGE Luogo, a joint venture between ala pixel LLC and VANAMCO AG. We've developed Luogo in close cooperation with Kraftwerk1, a Zurich-based housing cooperative.
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